Like a Boss…

Central Illinois had some amazing weather this weekend and we took full advantage. 

My daughter and I had a date on Friday night.  We went bowling (which was more competitive than it should have been) and ate some pizza. 

I had a long run on Saturday.  It was the longest I had scheduled before a race in a few weeks.  My legs seemed good and the weather was perfect.  

Sunday was spent climbing, playing and watching my daughter practice her skate boarding. She really seems to love it, and she’s not bad for a 5 year old.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Winter Interlude…

We had 60 degree weather yesterday here in Central Illinois.  Amazing.  

I had the time to get in a long run on some local trails.  It was a slow slog on soggy trails.  It was both physically and mentally taxing.  And it was great.



Holiday Cheer and Fitness for the New Year…

Happy holidays!

My wife does an amazing job keeping my daughter interested in being outside and staying active.  (You can check out some of their adventures on instagram @lbice). 

We wanted to continue to stoke my daughter’s interests, especially those that will help to keep her active.  She was surprised on Christmas morning to find we had turned one of our basement walls into a climbing wall.  She has been on this thing non-stop.  

My daughter has also shown an interest in learning to skateboard.  Santa was kind enough to being my daughter her first skateboard, so we will see hap this one goes!  

My knee has finally gotten better and I have spent the last six weeks developing a base for some spring races. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and spent it with loved ones.

Wishing you all a great 2017!



On the road, again…

Last month I was finally able to start running again.  What an amazing feeling. The time off did wonders for my knee, and the cross training improved my athleticism.

Over the weekend, my daughter did her first trail run.  So much fun to be a part of that experience.  She was so excited all week as the race approached.  As we were approaching the finish she was starting to tire and complain about her legs being tired.  I told her, “the main goal is to have fun.” In true runner fashion she responded, “I’m really not.”  Haven’t we all said that?!


A Daddy-Daughter Day…

My wife is visiting friends in Charleston, SC for the weekend.  My daughter and I took advantage of the perfect weather and trekked into Chicago for the Cubs game.  The day started with an argument about her choice of attire.  She clearly won that argument.  

She wasn’t very enthusiastic about having her picture taken, but we needed this for posterity!